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  • Singapore
  • K.2000-10000
  • K.3000-15000

Now, Singapore's Kitchen is recently opened at Building C, Union Financial Center ( UFC ), 46th Street, Bohtataung Township, Yangon for Singapore Food Lover. It operates Monday through Sunday and you can available Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The shop decoration is simple, nice, clean, tidy and serve the excellent customer service. It features variety of delicious Myanmar Food, Chinese Food and other cuisines that are prepared by experience Chef.

The aim of the shop is to be convenience the customers to taste the delicious food with reasonable price in one place. Its serve variety of dishes such Rice & Noodle, Salad, Soup, Clay Pot, Hot Plate, Dim Sum and in addition a great choice fruit juice and refreshment juice for drink. Dim Sum, Fish Head Curry, Salads, Soup and Clay Pot are the most popular dish of the shop.

It dining room can accommodate up to 150 seated guests and the service is really good and fast, the staff are very attentive. And then, the ambiance is spacious, hygiene atmosphere and a perfect place if you loves peacefulness and calmness. Especially, it is an ideal spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner and a perfect place to celebrate the business dining, family dining, group party or birthday party and any other social events.

Singapore's Kitchen

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