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  • Thai
  • K.3500-10000
  • K.3500-10000

Sabai_dee Restaurant is located in Ahlon Township. Starting in February 2017.

The archway of their face is the palace of Thai style, so it can be very appealing to the visitors very much . The different color lights for enjoying and refreshing and their dishes also support the taste with the little delicacy cuisine very much.

They provide their menu is English Menu only. Thai style monster fish, Sabai_dee garden delight and tom yan soup are the most popular and best-selling. The average charges is between 1000 kyat and 10000 kyat very moderately so that consumers are persuaded. Average charges is 5000 MMK enought for one.

The owner and the chef are Myanmar who has experienced from Thailand , also the setting the modernize decor with air conditioned inside .Therefore, this restaurant which has liked to prefer not only Myanmar but also foreigners very much and noticed that. So we’re warmly welcome to everybody from Sabai_dee Thai Restaurant.

Sabai-dee Restaurant

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