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  • Western
  • K.10000-15000
  • K.20000-50000

Western Food is the signature dish of the shop and you can also available Steak, Pasta, Pizza and in addition a great choice of Tea, Liquor, Beer, Wine, Fruit Juice and Refreshment Juice for drink. All the dishes are prepared by experience Foreign Chef so you can get authentic Western taste. Unique Farm to Table concept, best dry aged Myanmar local Beef, and Premium Myanmar local beef are the main selling point of the shop and Porterhouse Steak, Rib eye Steak, Beer Can Chicken and Porterhouse Burger are recommended by chef because of unique taste, tender and juicy. So, if you would like to get authentic Western Food, you should try at once to Porterhouse and it will treat you fresh and amazing meals.

Porter House ( Steak, Smoke, Wine )

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