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  • Chinese food / Cafe / Bakery
  • K.1600-5000
  • K.1600-11000

Moon Bakery is one of the popular restaurants which successfully stands among many other restaurants with their solid customer base and has many branches in Yangon. All of the branches are located at convenient places and the inner decoration of the restaurant is simple, has clean and cozy accommodations where you can enjoy the good meals with your family or friends. There are various items on the menu such Chinese Food, Thai Food, Western Food and Korean Food. On the drinks and desserts menu, you can have many kind of coffee, tea, ice cream, yogurt, milk shake, frost and soft drinks. Kyay Oo, Thai Fried Rice, Kim Chi Fried Rice and Tom Yum Soup are the most popular items of the restaurant.

Moon Bakery (Parami Sein Gay Har Branch)

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