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  • Chinese food / Others
  • K.2800-3400
  • K.2800-3400

Kyay Oh Ba Yin was opened since 1968. It is located at 27th Upper Street, 168/188, Room 1, Pabaedan Township. It is one of the most well-known restaurant in Yangon with many years expertise. The restaurant starts open hour from 9AM to 9PM and the shop is opened daily. Total restaurant chain have five branches in down town. The main menu of the restaurant is Chinese Food such Kyay Oo, Kyay oo Si Chat, Si Chat, Wonton, Salad and variety of Soft Drinks. Average budget is 2800 ~ 3400 kyats per person for both Lunch and Dinner. Total capacity of 20 customers can enjoy at the same time. The shop decoration is simple stylish, cozy, clean, tidy, cozy accommodation and air conditioned inside. They provide car parking area too. Kyay Oh Ba Yin is also a customers’ favourite place because of their delicious food and reasonable price so that it will be affordable for everyone. It is the nice place to hang out with your friends and family.

Kyay Oh Ba Yin (Shop 3)

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