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  • Chinese food / Others
  • K.10000-30000

They use imported beef to satisfy your taste. They provide Ro water for drinking. The main menu of the restaurant is Hot Pot and you can get the 11 kinds of main Set Menu (Premium Bacon Pork Set, Premium Pork Set, Burmese Selected Beef Set, Selected Shaoxing Chicken Set, Fresh Striped Bass Set, Selected Angus Beef, Selected Stripioin Beef, Premium American Rib Eyes Beef Set, Seafood Set, Seafood & Pork/Chicken/Beef, Fresh Vegetables & Mushrooms Set) and you can choose Soup Base (Spicy Soup, Pork broth Soup, Kimchi Soup, Chicken Soup, Katsup Kelp Soup, Lake salt soup, Vegetable Soup), Side Meal for choose rice & noodle, Mushroom, vegetable, meat, seafood and ingredient for Hot Pot. One set menu includes appetizers, style meal, soup, meat, vegetables and desserts. Natural flower tea and special tune sauce unlimited supply for customers.

Jin Hot Pot

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