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  • K.500-5000
  • K.500-5000

The Jana Mon is located at No 114, Nandawon Road, Yay Tar Shay Quarter, Bahan Township,Yangon. The owner is Mon and the chef are tribesmen who have experience. The restaurant offers various menu such as Mon Traditional Cuisines and Burmese cuisines. Also available for cold drinks, fresh fruit juices, desserts and coffee. Traditional Mon Foods are the signature dishes of the shop. The most favorite meals of customers are Country Style Mon Cuisine, Lemongrass Patties and Duck Country Style. All the dishes are prepared by experienced local Chef. 5000 kyats is enough for budget. Also the settings, the modernize style decor with air conditioned restaurant inside and open air shaded tables outside. Open daily from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM for all days. Good serving, refreshment foodstuffs in this restaurant so it becomes popular in Yangon. You are warmly welcomed to visit this traditional restaurant and you will be satisfied for sure.

Jana Mon Ethnic Cuisine

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