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  • Burmese / Western / Others
  • K.2000-20000

Four Tomatoes Cafeteria is opened in downtown area, on the way in Botahtaung.
Both outside and inside looks nice and clean, then it’s easy to come for Foreigners well.

Chef has experience and trained well in Singapore and all foods what he made are worth eating!
He provide Myanmar food in day time and Italian menus only in dinner time because many Foreigners comes in dinner times.

Most recommendable menu from Myanmar foods are from Mandalay, Kho Taung Noodle which tasted light and simple, Mandalay Mee Shay, and Biryani.
Biryani, its ingredients well pickled by yogurt, is tasted amazing with not too much light and not too much heavy and you can enjoy soft chicken.

It's really popular menu, some customers would order it as a catering for party...!!!!

It need some attention and is not easy to make soon, so you can have it only in Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

From dinner menu, Linguine with Clams is recommended.
Little hard, just chewy and Al dente pasta is great for Foreigners and moreover the bland taste and clams and boiled tomato are mixed well, then its taste is like an authentic Italian food.

It might be satisfied time in Yangon for Foreigners.
And fresh juice is necessary if you come here!!

They made it by cold press then any fruit juice are fine grained and 100% fresh.
Drecome staff recommend Lime or Green apple juice if you are tired by hot Yangon.

It will help you to recover your health!

Fruits, vegetables, and other materials are ordered in out of Yangon therefore you can eat farm fresh taste.
Also they use only mineral water for all foods then clearness are also regardless to worry.

You can aware it soon if you come inside of Restaurant.
Welcome to 4 tomato if your stomach are tired by oily Myanmar food!!

Four Tomatoes

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