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  • Italian
  • K.11000-22000
  • K.24000-36000

The Divino Italian Restaurant & Tapas Bar is located at New University Avenue , Bahan Township ,Yangon .Divino restaurant mainly serves Italian foods .The shop was opened clean and natty inside wide yard with beautiful garden .We can get fresh air and good atmosphere who love having quiet and comfort environment .The restaurant is spacious and full of light ,marking it perfect for a relaxing lunch and dinner time .The most favourite foods of this restaurant is Pizza ,Pasta , Seafoods and Italian foods .They can also serves wine ,beer and cocktail .So Divino & Tapas bar is very suitable for who wish to celebrate birthday party ,business dinner and group dinner .We can enjoy inside the restaurant 110 peoples and 60 peoples can having outside the garden .The staffs are friendly and attentive ,and greets with a simile upon entering the restaurant .Overall ,Divino Italian restaurant is the perfect place to satisfy any Italian cuisine any time of day .

Divino Italian Restaurant & Tapas Bar

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