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Saigon Baguette and Café (Latha Branch) is opened 2016, which is located at No.400, Stand Road, Latha Township. It has another branch in Yangon which is located at Myanmar Plaza shopping center.

There can have various kinds of Vietnam cuisine, other set menu, coffee and dessert. The owner is Vietnamese and she can cook by herself. That why, all the customers can have the authentic taste of Vietnam food. Grilled Beef, Grilled Pork, Grilled Chicken, Prawn Summer Rolls and Grilled Pork Summer Rolls are the most popular menu of the customers and most bestselling in this shop.

The shop's decoration is simple and adorable, provided the glass wall on front side of the shop so that you can see the strand main road from the shop. It has two stories yet not very wide, can serve around 30 people at the same time where one table for couple of two or four people at the shop. It is a nice place to enjoy with your family or friends since the environment is quiet, atmosphere is clean and cozy.
Moreover, Saigon Baguette and Cafe can serve delivery service with Door to Door around Yangon township without charges and it is one of the perfect place to celebrate birthday party and small group party since it has beautiful decoration and their staff are warmly welcome to the customers and service is excellent. So, it is one of the best restaurant in Yangon.

Saigon Baguette and Café (Latha Branch)

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