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  • Japanese food
  • K.5000-20000
  • K.5000-30000

These Fuji Japanese Restaurant is opened the Market Place, on the road of Damazaydi, Sanchaung Township, in 2013. This restaurant is opened not only in Myanmar but also above hundred shops in Thailand and Laos; so, this become the most famous in Asia. The shop has two storied and have three private rooms in downstairs.
All dishes are cooked by professional chefs’ fantastic idea beautiful neatly. So, we can modify just to see the dishes which taste will be great and delicious. Japanese foods are main dish and Banto Box and Sashimi are the most favorite food in that menu. Thirty thousand is enough for Budget.
Since only Japanese food available, this is the best not only for foreigners but also for local who like the Japanese foods. As a uniqueness, must feel like stay in Japan because they decorated as Japanese style for foreigners who visiting in Myanmar to convenient.
The owner is Japanese and the chefs are Thai and Burmese who have the foreign experiences; so, the dishes are very delicious and great.
Beer and wine are special quality which supplies from Bangkok. When you want to celebrate in buffet party order above 30 and 40 pieces, they will offer well serve and tasteful dish in take through. So, this is the one of enjoyable restaurant in Yangon.

Fuji Japanese Restaurant (Market Place)

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